Agpipes Manifacturers


Agpipes Manifacturers

Throughout the centuries the art to express ourselves through a poem a musical composition or a work of art has always been an intrisec need of man. Sandro Marini ,a young bagpipe manufacturer was born and grown up in Villa Latina the cradle of bagpipes where this ancient art is handed down from generations.Music lover,guitar and baritone sax player. He approached to to this instrument not even owing one.

Fascinated by the sound of this mysterious and ancestral instrument he slowly began working with a lafte craft trying to imitate a bagpipe lame of 25 that was borrowed to him.

Since he didn't have any knowledge of manufacturer tecniques he asked and old handicraft "Mario D?agostino" and later on another handicraft "Alfonso Cervi" from Picinisco.

With patients and tenacity he improved a manufacturer method typical of "Valle di Comino". He manufacts any type of bagpipes (keys/lames) and also great ciaramella.

"As a handicraft I express myself manufacturing a bagpipe for whom will play it…"

LINEA CALAMUS: The handicrafts of the international association"Calamus" produces also sandals and "cioce" (typical shoes from Ciociaria) musical instrumants, plates ect.... For further information you can contact us.

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