De Calamus en

Folk Music Group DeCalamus


Serena Pagnani,
Maura Amata

Zampogna a chiave, Accordian
Marc Iaconelli

Ciaramella, Ocarina, Recorder, Zampogna zoppa
Massimo Antonelli

Hand Accordian
Francesco Loffredi

Double Bass
Alessandro Del Signore

Francesco Manna,
Laura Fabriani

Ottavino and Flutes

Luca Lombardi



"The DeCalamus Ten" otherwise known as "DeCalamus" has been for many years a folk music group which has maintained the traditions of popular music in the region of the Comino Valley. Not only is this region well known for its use of the bagpipes, known as the "zampogne", as well as the accordian but also for its outstanding musicians.

Many traditional musical instruments are played by the musicians in the group such as the bagpipes, flute, hand accordian, ocarina, guitar and tamburine, to name but a few, and all accompanied by three vocalists.


 Through its music, DeCalamus will take you on a journey of discovery in the heart of the Appenine mountains, in the National park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. Their pastoral, traditional and archaic pieces uncover a variety of rich sounds and traditional tales.
The components of the group have taken part in many shows and festivals throughout the world, in cities such as Paris, Santiago del Cile, Windsor, Cleveland, Kuala Lumpar, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Andorra, Edinburgh, Liege and Strasburg.

Other significant performances have been in the following venues:

First place at International Recital "Ancia Libera" in Ancona (1999)
Hogmany concert in St. Peters square, Rome, with C.Baglioni (1999)
Finalists at "Suonare a Folkest" in Spilimbergo (UD) (2004)
Festival "Terra Madre" Slow Food Torino (2008)
In 2010, received prize "Centre Artesà Tradicionarius di Barcellona" at "La Marca Eurofolk" competition.